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About us

We are climate experts

In a field where a multidisciplinary approach is the mainstream, we are a highly specialized agency with solid core competences about climate system analysis,
physics, statistitics and algorithm development.


with a pragmatic go-out-and-do-it approach

Our way working is simple and down-to-earth. We go on the field, talk to people and stakeholders, we understand their problems and how they interrelate, we do our science to quickly deliver solutions and finally, we provide customer support to make sure that product operation is effective and maintenance is simple. We believe in trial-and-error as the key to success.

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About us

Working all over the world

Climate change affects particularly the population living in developing countries. We have a major focus on these type of contexts, with a particular attention to the social aspects, which are intertwined in the implementation of technical and financial solutions. We provide local governments and international organizations with the scientific input needed to support their policies and decision making processes.

to bridge the gap between climate science and policy

A parallel dimension of what we do holds value for the academia. We strive to publish and present our results from the field to contribute advancing knowledge in the domain of climate science. Our ultimate goal is to lay the foundations for a closer collaboration between a new generation of climate scientist and decision makers in the areas of climate risk management and international development.

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Our team

Marcello Petitta
Marcello Petitta

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