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About us

We are climate experts

In a field where a multidisciplinary approach is the mainstream, we are a highly specialized agency with solid core competences about climate system analysis,
physics, statistitics and algorithm development.


with a pragmatic go-out-and-do-it approach

Our way working is simple and down-to-earth. We go on the field, talk to people and stakeholders, we understand their problems and how they interrelate, we do our science to quickly deliver solutions and finally, we provide customer support to make sure that product operation is effective and maintenance is simple. We believe in trial-and-error as the key to success.

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About us

Working all over the world

Climate change affects particularly the population living in developing countries. We have a major focus on these type of contexts, with a particular attention to the social aspects, which are intertwined in the implementation of technical and financial solutions. We provide local governments and international organizations with the scientific input needed to support their policies and decision making processes.

to bridge the gap between climate science and policy

A parallel dimension of what we do holds value for the academia. We strive to publish and present our results from the field to contribute advancing knowledge in the domain of climate science. Our ultimate goal is to lay the foundations for a closer collaboration between a new generation of climate scientist and decision makers in the areas of climate risk management and international development.

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Our team


Climate Scientist

  • Extreme events statistics
  • Atmospheric remote sensing
  • Data integration and assimilation
  • Science dissemination
At 11 years old Marcello wanted to become astronomer and spent most of his nights watching the stars. One day, he suddenly he realized that it was planet Earth and its process what interested him the most. Now he is a man of science and a father. As a climate scientist he strives to mix approaches from different disciplines in order to solve complex problems. He believes that the key to finding new solutions is “perspective”. In his career, he has been leading scientific research groups and he is still collaborating with several international research centers. He likes to think of himself as a potential karate champion.


Climate Scientist

  • Climate models
  • Climate services
  • Insurance
  • Capacity building
Coming from a family of farmers, Leone had to decide whether to become an olive oil producer or a physicists. He was attracted by the use of scientific methods to understand the living world: plants, animals, planet Earth. He started his career as an oceanographer and climate modeller. But that was not quite what he was looking for. So, he decided to quit the comfort of academic research for a journey in the real world: travelling to Africa, talking to farmers, hearing their stories, understanding the terrific challenge of living under the constant threat of climate variability and cooperating with them on innovative methods for managing weather risk. This journey changed his perception of working as a climate scientist. It’s not only about science. It’s about using our knowledge to take decisions and live a better life.


Big Data Engineer

  • Data analysis
  • System analysis
  • Scientific programming
  • Extreme events statistics

Since he was young, Marco was interested in several things: music, innovation technologies, and climate issues being the main ones. After his degree in Sound Engineering, he decided to study Information Technology and get a MSc Degree with a focus on Big Data. He has developed a critical and scientific approach while maintaining the original attitude of a little boy, curious and captivated by nature and technology. So, he succeeded in cultivating two of his major interests by becoming a Big Data Engineer at Amigo Climate, where he manages infrastructural engines in order to translate climate data into knowledge. And guess what: he still spares time to play his guitar and sing.


Strategic Designer

  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Visual communication
When he was 3 years old, Brian went to the mountains for the first time and discovered Nature. He decided to become a paleontologist, explore the world and look for fossil dinosaurs trapped inside rocks. Today, he is definitely not a paleontologist, but he hasn’t forgot Nature. He has been working as academic researcher, sustainable innovation consultant for several company clients and on various international development projects for small social businesses and large NGOs in Latin America and in Asia. He believes that the designer should be an active agent of change in the transition towards sustainable development.


Agricultural Economist​

  • Agricultural Economist​
At the age of 13, Livia went for a trip  to Guatemala with her family and since then she wanted to do something useful to improve people’s life, and she has started to build her own personal vision of what ties the people of the world. She ended up studying Geography and working with Organic Farmers for more than 10 years. She thought that being and agronomist would have been important for her interaction with farmers. Eventually, she realized that not being an agronomist is indeed an advantage when working in participatory research and she developed a skill in the mediation between farmers and researchers. In Scotland, she met the concepts of uncertainty and complexity and ended up doing a Phd in Economics focusing on sustainability and innovation in agriculture. She is now a scientist, with experience in the coordination of multidisciplinary research activities.


Communication expert,
Researcher, and Project manager

A renaissance woman in the digital era, Giulia can engage in a conversation about climate issues with quotes from Shakespeare, Plato, and the latest superhero TV show. She has been conducting research in Italy and the United States as an educator and a translator, but after serving as project manager in some research initiatives, she left academia to face new challenges. Her expertise as a researcher in communication and her social science background give her a unique perspective in approaching scientific problems and climate change.



  • Climate modelling
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Climate Change
  • Extreme Events
Understanding Nature and being useful for the environment and humankind motivated Sara to become a climate scientist. After graduating in physics, she flew to The Netherlands to pursue a PhD in Atmospheric science, with a main focus on the clouds response to climate change. Afterwards, she moved to Germany to apply her knowledge on climatology and her experience as modeller to various environmental issues, including extreme precipitations and availability of natural resources for renewable energies. She believes that the way to move forward builds on solid understanding and the ability to predict the future.