BIISY Bikes in Big Cities

Sustainable multi-modal-trip-planner for urban commuters.

The European program Frontier Cities aimed to support projects promoting sustainable urban mobility. In collaboration with Oltan SrL, Amigo climate was granted EU-FP7 funds to develop a multi-modal-trip-planner for urban commuters. The outcome of the project is BIISY, a smartphone application that calculates biking routes and integrates them with public transport solutions including buses, subway, trains and walking. Amigo developed the back-end of the application: an open-source routing algorithm combined with open datasets about local public transport and street mapping. It computes the best routes based on real-time public transport data, recurrent bike paths and crowd-sourced preferences. BIISY was developed specifically for the city of Rome and it is available on Google Play Store.

Client: European Commission.
Year: 2015
Location: Rome.
Team: Marcello Petitta, Leone Barbieri, Mario Benincasa, Brian Baldassarre, Sara Braga, Diego Sbarra.

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