Climate Services

for different sectors

Food & Agriculture

Finance & Insurance

Water & Infrastructures

Renewable Energy

Our job is to provide fast and effcient ad-hoc solutions for identifying risks and managing decision-making processes related to climate variability and climate change.

1. Analysis

We analyze climate integrating multiple sources of data and information to provide actionable knowledge.

2. Design

We design new user-friendly products and services for understanding and managing climate related issues.

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Analysis includes the processing of data from climate models, satellites and weather stations, the design of tailored climate indices and the identification of appropriate risk modelling approaches. We provide specific expertise in modelling extreme climate events in a changing climate. Finally, we communicate our results in a clear way by translating the language of physics, mathematics and statistics into concise reports, infographics and simple videos that can be understood by non-scientists and decision makers. Ultimately, we make our stakeholders fully aware of the climate factors entangled in the problems they are facing in order to support their political and commercial decision-making processes.
Design includes embedding new algorithms and methodologies into hardware-software combinations for Earth observation, environmental modeling/monitoring, risk alert and data mining. All our digital tools are tailored on client needs and designed with simple and intuitive digital interfaces for users. We design and define weather index insurance packages and build new climate indices that cluster together multiple indicators. After provision, we offer our clients hand-in-hand support to exploit the full potential of our solutions making sure that our products and services will not be underused, misused and eventually break down. Ultimately we put in the hands of our stakeholders whatever tool they need to understand and manage those climate issues connected to their field of action and business operations.

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